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DuchoFilla 160

DuchoFilla 160 is one of the basic types in Open 3D Printers. This machine has a heated bed which gives user an option of printing with various materials like PLA, ABS, PETG, HIPS etc. It has a build volume of 160mm*160mm*160mm. This Budget 3D Printer can cater all prototyping enthusiasts, hobbyists, beginners and students who aim to learn more about materials and 3D printing. A user shall be able to seamlessly 3D print objects for decor, utility, professional presentation, educative purposes etc. Features like filament sensing, power outage recovery option, Wi-Fi connectivity (Optional) etc . makes it a smarter machine than other printers available in the market. DuchoFilla 160 is very user-friendly, economical to procure and beginners can tinker freely with the machine to enhance their knowledge on 3D Printing.

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