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DuchoFilla 750

  • Largest Build Volume FDM based 3D Printer in INDIA
  • Supports Research based Polymer Materials
  • High Resolution Prints with higher speeds
  • Multifunctional Display and Control Board
  • Fully Enclosed and Temperature Controlled Chamber
  • Isolated Printing Chamber
  • Removable Polymer Fiber Build Plate
  • Power Outage Recovery with Resume Option
  • Smart Sensing for Filament Supply Detection
  • Automatic Shutdown Feature in Idle state
  • Air Filtering and Purification System
  • Wi-Fi/USB/SD Card Driven Connection
  • Energy Efficient Smart Industrial Machine

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Build Volumes Available

750mm * 750mm * 750mm & 1000mm *
1000mm * 1000mm

Filament Compatibility

Adjustable Hot End Module for
interchangeable filaments of diameter

Print Accuracy

0.1 mm

Heat-Bed Type

Polymer Fiber bed attached with base using
Magnetic Suction Mechanism

Heating Element

Silicon Plates

Portability of Machine

Wheeled Legs with locking facility

XY Axis Positioning Accuracy


Z Axis Positioning Accuracy


XYZ Axis Guide Rail

Industrial Linear Guide Rail

Z Axis Lead Screw

Industrial Ball Screw

XY Axis Motor

Industrial 57 Closed Loop Motor

Z Axis Motor

Industrial 86 Closed Loop Motor

E Axis Motor

42 Stepper Motor(4 Pieces)

XYZ Axis Motor Driver

Professional Closed Loop Driver

E Axis Motor Driver

Professional Closed Loop Driver

Acceptable File Formats

.stl, .obj, .amf and G-Code


12 Months

AMC (Optional)


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